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What Should I Do If Miss My Southwest Flight?

Passengers frequently miss their Southwest flights for various reasons, such as delays or trouble getting to the airport in time. Southwest Airlines has implemented Southwest missed flight policy to help travelers in similar circumstances. Passengers can rebook their flights or get a refund thanks to this policy.

What Takes Place If My Southwest Flight Is Missed?

Even with all your planning, you may need more than unanticipated last-minute issues to make it to your Southwest flight. Excessive traffic, baggage or security concerns, accidents, family emergencies, or medical crises could cause these challenges. Southwest Airlines offers a Missed Flight Policy to help customers in these circumstances. This policy allows passengers to stand on the next available flight at no additional cost if they miss their trip and arrive within two hours of the scheduled departure time.

Southwest Missed Flight Policy Terms

  1. If a passenger has a flat tyre, they are entitled to accommodations under the balanced tyre missed Southwest flight policy.
  2. Southwest missed flight refunds are only available to refundable ticket holders; non-refundable tickets are not.
  3. Points may be awarded to refundable ticket buyers as compensation, which helps defray expenses.
  4. The Southwest frequent flier program members who miss a flight might obtain incentives if they notify airport workers as soon as possible.
  5. You must act quickly; if you miss your Southwest flight, notify the carrier immediately to guarantee swift help.

What Happens If I Miss My Flight on Southwest Airlines

  1. Immediately notify airline representatives of the missed flight. Enough notice enables the airline to plan a standby flight or other options via Southwest Airlines missed flight policy.
  2. Rebooking after cancellation is an option if standby isn’t impossible or schedule conflicts arise.
  3. Be aware that the Southwest missed flight Policy may prohibit refunds.

The No-Show Policy of Southwest Airlines

A no-show occurs when you fail to arrive at the departure time of your flight. Travelers who miss their flights may be subject to the airline’s no-show policy. Essential guidelines for this policy include:

  • Refundable tickets do not incur any missed flight fees from Southwest Airlines. Nevertheless, subsequent reservations may be canceled unless this cost is paid.
  • Anytime and Business Select tickets will be lost if they are canceled at least 10 minutes before the flight’s planned departure time. Should this task still remain unfinished, the cost of the ticket may be refunded.
  • The fares for Wanna Get Away and Wanna Get Away Plus cannot be refunded. The ticket value is forfeited at these rates if a passenger does not show up.
  • Reward travel club members who fail to show up will still have their points stored in their Rapid Rewards account.

Southwest’s Policy For Missed Connections

You might be eligible for reimbursement if an airline error—such as a malfunction or breakdown—caused you to miss your connecting trip. This could take the kind of services or financial advantages. There will be options to change your mind and book a new flight.

You can rebook a new flight if you were the cause of your travel delay, but there can be an extra cost.

How Do You Rebook the Southwest Missed Flight?

You will not be allowed to board standby planes if you miss your Southwest flight and get to the airport in less than two hours. How to rebook is as follows as per the missed flight Southwest Policy

  1. Booking Your Flight Online: Easy Steps:

  • Go to
  • Go to the section for bookings
  • Choose the flight you want to take
  • Select your flight and pay any remaining reservation fees to finish the rebooking process
  1. Offline Rebooking: Simple Steps:

  • Speak with the Southwest Airlines agency closest to you
  • Please give them the necessary information, including your booking reference or ticket number, and explain why you could not make the trip
  • Rebook your flight by paying the applicable fees
  • The airline representative will help you finish the rebooking procedure and locate other flight choices.


When unforeseeable events force passengers to miss their flights, Southwest missed flight policy offers them options and support. The policy aims to assist travelers and guarantee a seamless continuation of their travel arrangements, whether they rebook online via the airline’s website or seek help offline from Southwest agents. You can also touch with official unpublished flight deals website for ticket reservation and more.

By comprehending the policy’s conditions and applying the various rebooking techniques, travelers can handle situations involving missing flights with increased comfort and assurance. Southwest makes an effort to put the needs and convenience of its customers first, especially in difficult situations like delayed flights.

What Should I Do If Miss My Southwest Flight?
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