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Lufthansa Airlines Name Change Policy

Lufthansa, a top European Airlines, is a popular German flag carrier. The airline has become the leading German Airline serving international destinations, since its operation in 1955. Lufthansa is known for its reliability and comfortable air travel services along with various services like in-flight meals, and complimentary services. Customers get quite a simple and efficient process for Lufthansa Airlines Name Change, along with other facilities. Call Lufthansa Customer Helpline Number +1 (516) 738-4422 or +1 (844) 733-1212 for your name change or other queries.

Lufthansa Airlines Name Correction Guideline

Travelers buying a flight ticket with an airline like Lufthansa, are bound to get some of the best airline services for their air travel. So, when making a traveling plan with such a great airlines, you should check their Lufthansa Name Change Policy and other relevant guidelines.

Here are major guidelines under Name Change Policy of Lufthansa Airlines:

Importance of Name Change on Lufthansa Ticket:

Your name on the ticket must be the same as your government issued IDs. If the airlines finds any difference, even in the spelling, you might not be able to board your plane. So, yeah it is highly important that you get your Lufthansa Airlines name correction as soon as you find out.

Right Time for Name Correction:

 Now, you must be thinking, when should I change my name on a Lufthansa ticket to avoid a penalty? Also, what kind of name changes are done faster and free of cost. There are all these things that one must consider.

  • You should get your Lufthansa change name on ticket within 24 hours of reserving the tickets or within 7 days of the travel date. You might be charged a fee for the same.
  • You can change a name on a Lufthansa flight if you have made a spelling mistake, got married, or divorced. Any other corrections, changes, or transfers of tickets are not allowed under the Lufthansa Airlines Name Correction Policy.

Name Correction Process:

For a simple rectification of your name on your reserved air tickets, you can follow any of the two methods:

Offline Lufthansa Name Correction:

You can simply reach out to Lufthansa Name Correction assistance via call at +1 (516) 738-4422 or +1 (844) 733-1212. Give the representative all your details so they can make modifications and issue a new ticket.

Online Lufthansa Name Correction:

The online process is quite sorted, with a simple platform on the Lufthansa Airlines website. You can go to the My Bookings section and get your Lufthansa change name request processed easily with a few clicks.

Lufthansa Airlines Name Change Policy

It will best know the guidelines and rules of the airlines you are thinking of seeing you travel. When you know all the know-how of the process, it will all be a piece of cake for you to make corrections/changes. Make sure that you carefully read the essential points of Lufthansa Name Change Policy.

Types of Name Changes Allowed:

Lufthansa only permits three types of alteration in your name:

  • Error or Omission in the name,
  • Legally changed your name,
  • Got married or divorced

If the name of the ticket does not come under any of the above-mentioned categories, then no change will be allowed under the Lufthansa Airlines Name Change Policy.

Documents Required for Name Change:

The passenger can provide any of the following legit documents as a proof of identity:

  • Government issued identity card or any other document,
  • Marriage or divorce certificate,
  • Legal document of name change

Any of these documents provided will work for the airlines, and they will easily process your Lufthansa name change process.

Lufthansa Airlines Name Change Fee:

Lufthansa charges around $50 to $200 for a name change/correction on a ticket. However, it can be free, if a name change request is submitted under 24 hours of buying the flight tickets. Please call Lufthansa Airlines at +1 (516) 738-4422 or +1 (844) 733-1212 to know more alternatives to save on Lufthansa name change fee.

Check Eligibility:

You should confirm with the airlines whether the purchased Lufthansa flight ticket is allowed a name change. Because not all tickets are permitted name change/correction. Here are the types of fare that are not allowed any changes:

  • Booked under promotional fare,
  • Reserved tickets under special group fares,
  • Bought Lufthansa flight tickets using a specific deal or offer.

How to change name on Lufthansa ticket?

The process for name change or correction is somewhat similar. So, here are two ways you can make your changes for your Lufthansa tickets:

Lufthansa Name Change On Call:

For Lufthansa ticket name change offline process, you can call at +1 (844) 733-1212 for customer assistance.

  • Get in touch with an official and, talk about the changes and submit a formal request orally.
  • Then, they will process your request with all the documents and ID proofs you provided.
  • You can also review the changes over the email sent by the airline representative, and once you approve the changes, you will get a confirmation mail.

Also, it would be best to consult in advance whether your fare type is covered under the free Lufthansa Airline Name Change option or not.

Online Process:

For Lufthansa Airlines change name online procedure, visit Lufthansa Airlines website;

  • Click on My Flight or My Bookings,
  • Then, go to the Change option on the menu,
  • Change your name as per the document you will be submitting as a proof,
  • Make sure the spelling and other details match the ID,
  • Now, proceed to pay the Lufthansa change name fee only if applicable to you.

After clicking on submit button, your application will be viewed by the Airlines’ official. Once they are satisfied with all the provided details and documents, your Lufthansa name change will be confirmed. Later on, you will get a letter as proof of confirmation.

Can you transfer Lufthansa tickets to another person?

Lufthansa Airlines has no ticket transfer policy whatsoever. If you are found doing such activity, you will be charged with fraudulent activities. However, you can use other options to save on ticket costs and salvage some of your losses. There are a couple of other alternatives that passengers can use and instead of transferring tickets to someone else.

Call the Airlines:

Firstly, you need to call Lufthansa Airlines Customer Helpline at +1 (516) 738-4422 or +1 (844) 733-1212 and let them know about your situation. They will help you out with the next step and process.

Cancel and Refund Request:

The good choice would be to cancel the Lufthansa flight tickets and get a refund. As you will not be able to use this ticket with a different passenger name. You can use the refund to buy a fresh airline ticket, as you are only allowed the Lufthansa name change for the same passenger name. You cannot change the whole name to another person; that is fully prohibited.

What if my middle name is misspelled on Lufthansa ticket?

Normally, there should not be any issues if you have accidentally misspelled your middle name on the ticket. Lufthansa usually emphasizes only the first and last name on your boarding pass for identification. Your middle name might not even be printed on the boarding, so it should not be an issue. Still, if you are skeptical about it, you can correct or change it with a call to Lufthansa customer assistance at +1 (516) 738-4422 or +1 (844) 733-1212.

FAQs On Lufthansa Airlines Name Change Policy

How to change name on Lufthansa ticket?

The passengers have two good options for Lufthansa change name on ticket. You can either book through their website online or do it offline via call at +1 (516) 738-4422 or +1 (844) 733-1212 for easy name change assistance.

How much does it cost to change name on Lufthansa ticket?

Lufthansa Name Change Fee usually starts at $50 and can go up to $200 depending on the ticket fare type you have bought. Also, the change in fee depends on the time of change and deals you have used for the reservations.

Can I transfer my Lufthansa ticket to another person?

No, Lufthansa ticket transfer to any person is not permitted. Either you change your name or cancel the ticket and buy a new one. But, in no case whatsoever, no ticket transfer is allowed.

Why is name change not allowed in flight?

Name change is allowed for Lufthansa Airlines. However, if you want to change a name to another person, then that is not allowed. If you do that, you will be charged for fraudulent activity and probably be banned from the airlines.

When can I change name on Lufthansa Airlines tickets?

Lufthansa Airlines name change is only possible if there is; a spelling mistake in your name, forgot to add your middle name or if the passenger has changed name due to marriage or divorce. You can directly call Lufthansa customer service at +1 (844) 733-1212 and get your name changed immediately.

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