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We prioritize accuracy and dependability when providing general information on our website. Despite our best efforts, we are only able to guarantee the correctness of the content if we obtain information from a variety of offline and online sources.

By providing reliable and comprehensive information about well-known airlines and flight options for future travel, we hope to prevent the spread of misleading information. It is essential to keep in mind that we operate independently of airlines and that we are not liable for any services you utilize or goods you buy as a result of using the information on our website.

Prohibited Activities

On the website, each reference may be tracked down. It is highly recommended that no organization participate in the exchange, purchase, alteration, distribution, or dissemination of any content or advantage offered on the website.

No person or organization is authorized to market any products or services by linking them to our website.

It is not permissible to connect to or duplicate any section of this website without our express approval.


The website acts as a thorough agreement, guiding users through the dos and don’ts. If these guidelines are not followed, all organizational data and procedures become public.

Outside Links

External links to material, features, or websites owned by third parties are available on our website. The completeness, availability, validity, accuracy, and reliability of these external links have not been evaluated by us. We do not endorse the content on external websites that link to our website, nor do we guarantee its correctness or dependability. We have no control over these operations and are not involved in them.


There may be affiliate links on our website, and if you make purchases or visit linked websites, you might get paid a commission.

Errors and Omissions Disclaimer

Despite our best efforts to guarantee the dependability and correctness of the information sourced from reliable sources on our website, we disclaim all obligations for any errors, omissions, or outcomes stemming from the use of this data. The website’s content is provided “as is,” with no guarantees regarding its accuracy, timeliness, completeness, or results from using it. It is also provided without any express or implied warranties of performance, merchantability, appropriateness for a specific purpose, or other limitations.

Logo and Trademark

The trademarks and logos of third parties that appear on the website belong to their respective owners. There is no inferred sponsorship or endorsement by the owners.

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