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Jetblue Airlines Name Change Policy 

JetBlue has become such a big name ever since its incorporation in February 2000. With a line of leading airline service, they alone provide about 1000 daily flights to over 100 destinations. These flight services include both domestic and international destinations. JetBlue offers some of the best customer services like easy cancellation & refund, JetBlue Airlines Name Change, friendly customer assistance, and other services, making this airline travelers’ favorite. Need a good deal for your next flight? Go ahead; JetBlue will definitely offer you a good one. Get all the details on your flight bookings and offers on a call to JetBlue Customer Service at +1-800-JETBLUE (538-2583) or +1 (844) 733-1212.

How do I Change a Passenger Name on JetBlue?

As lucky as you have been with grabbing the lowest JetBlue flight fare for your tickets, an uncertain situation will somehow make it unlucky. Like, you booked a flight for your honeymoon, but after marriage, you changed your name. And now, you won’t be able to board your flight because now your name doesn’t match with your ticket name. Make sure to follow the procedure for the JetBlue name change on ticket:

  • Read the Name Change Policy: Firstly, it is highly essential that you check the policies and guidelines regarding name change to know all the How To , for the process. When you know the rules, you will make less mistakes and save more money.
  • Apply for Name Change or Correction: There are two ways you can apply for a JetBlue name change:
  • JetBlue Name Change Offline: For a fast process you can call the JetBlue name change helpline directly at +1-800-JETBLUE (538-2583) or +1 (844) 733-1212. You can connect with an official airline representative and submit a formal request directly and provide required information immediately.
  • JetBlue Name Change Online: This is a more DIY process. You don’t have to talk to anyone with an online process.
  • All you have to do is visit the JetBlue website,
  • Then, you are required to log in to your airlines account,
  • Afterward, go to the Change or Correction section,
  • Now, you can make your JetBlue ticket name change,
  • Also, upload essential documents to match the name change,
  • Afterward, clicking the submit button, you will be notified via the airline’s official email id.

What is JetBlue Airlines Name Change Policy?

JetBlue is a customer’s airlines and has easy and flexible policies to make the whole experience quite efficient. For JetBlue change passenger name, you really need to read and consider essential points of JetBlue Name Change Policy. Knowing the major details will only benefit you saving additional charges and time.

Here are some major points passengers must consider before applying for a name change or corrections:

Check Eligibility:

passengers are required to check whether the tickets they have booked are eligible for JetBlue change name on ticket. Because if not, you will end up wasting both your precious time and money. There are three types of name changes that are allowed according to the Name Change policy of JetBlue:

  • Spelling errors or omission of middle name,
  • Changed name after marriage or divorce,
  • Legal name change

You need to confirm if your name requires minor name corrections or major corrections. First you figure it out, then you can proceed further.

Airline Charges for Name Changes:

If you have to know whether a small or big change, JetBlue might charge a small JetBlue Airlines Name Change Fees. However, not all fare types have a chargeable name change process. Some flight tickets are allowed free changes but with terms & conditions. A name change fee starts from a small amount of $25 and goes up to $200.

Contact Airlines:

You must contact the airlines immediately the moment they find an issue with their name on the ticket. Contact JetBlue via call at +1-800-JETBLUE (538-2583) or +1 (844) 733-1212. You can also try doing it online. Passengers, who bought their tickets through an online travel agency, need to contact their travel agent. Please note that different rules and policies might apply when you book through a third party.

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JetBlue Airlines Name Correction Policy

First, you should absolutely know there is a difference between JetBlue Name Correction/Change Policies. The difference might seem small, but it is quite significant. In case you are not sure about the type of changes you require, feel free to call JetBlue Airlines at +1-800-JETBLUE (538-2583) or +1 (844) 733-1212.

  • JetBlue Airlines Name Correction deals with minor name changes like spelling mistakes or omission of last or middle name.
  • The Name Change policy, on the other hand, deals with major changes like changing a person’s full name in case of legal name change or marriage.

There is usually no name correction fee, as it is a minor change and does not affect the process that much. However, you need to make the correction within 24 hours of making your reservations or before 7 days of scheduled departure. Otherwise, you might have to pay a small JetBlue Name Correction Fee.

Can I Change my JetBlue Flight Ticket to another Person?

Normally, no airlines permit a name change for a ticket to another person, as it can cause major issues like fraud. So, to prevent any illegal activities, JetBlue has no policies regarding this. However, when you cannot travel on your already booked flight, you can talk with JetBlue customer service at +1 (844) 733-1212 and ask for potential solutions.

Cancel Flight:

When you are unable to find a solution, then you have to cancel your flight in this situation and get a refund or credit against the cancellation. If you do not cancel the flight, you will neither be able to board the plane nor get a refund. So, make a good decision keeping every aspect in mind.

Refund and Rebook:

Secondly, you can use the refund to buy a new JetBlue airline ticket in the name of a new person. This will not only make the process easier and straightforward but also save time and money.

Always, make sure of the name you fill in your application to prevent any future hassle and potential expenses. Also, keep the timeframe in check, if you go a day over the mentioned time limit, you will definitely be charged a fee.

Can you change name on flight if checked in?

Yes, the airlines are allowed name change JetBlue even after they have checked in for their flight. However, you need to call the airlines as soon as possible about this so they can take the necessary steps ASAP.

  • Call the JetBlue Helpline at +1 (844) 733-1212 and let them know about the name correction after the check in process,
  • Then, the airlines will cancel the check in, make corrections to your name,
  • Later, you can check in again with a new name and possibly a new PNR.

It would be best if you did not make any mistakes while filling out the form online. However, mistakes can happen, and they can be corrected. Just carefully read the fine print of all the JetBlue Name Change Policy points to avoid charges.

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FAQs On Jetblue Airlines Name Change Policy

Can you change passenger name on JetBlue?

There is the policy for both the name change and name correction for JetBlue Airlines. You can easily make any changes to your wrong name as per the policies and guidelines. You can change it by either calling the airlines or visiting the name change page on the website.

How to change name on JetBlue ticket?

Name change for JetBlue Airways is a simple and very effective process. There is a direct JetBlue Name Change Helpline number +1 (844) 733-1212 or +1-800-JETBLUE (538-2583). You can follow simple steps as narrated by the representative to make changes and get a new flight ticket with a new name.

What happens if the name on JetBlue ticket is wrong?

You will not be allowed to board the plane if there is a mistake in your name. Your name on the ticket should match the name on a government issued ID according to the JetBlue Airlines Policy. If there is any mistake or omission, then you need to convey the same to the airlines as soon as possible and make required changes.

Can I transfer a JetBlue Airlines ticket to another person?

Any kind of ticket transfer is prohibited under JetBlue Name Change Policy. No passengers are allowed to follow this illegal process, as they will be fined by the airlines. Still, if you cannot travel on the same booked flight for whatever reason, you can cancel your tickets and buy a new one. Yes, there might be a small cancellation fee, but it will be lower than the canceled fares or potential fines.

Can I change name on JetBlue tickets for free?

Minor name changes are free if they are made within the airline’s mentioned time limit. However, major name changes can be expensive. The charges can go anywhere from $25 to $200. If you are a JetBlue frequent flyer program or TrueBlue member, you can take advantage of such benefits.

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Jetblue Airlines Name Change Policy 
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