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Air Canada Name Change Policy

The flag carrier of Canada, Air Canada, was founded in 1937 and has become traveler’s favorite with their exceptional services. The airline has been providing airline services to over 100 destinations in multiple countries at affordable prices. Along with affordable airfares, travelers can enjoy easy flight booking facilities, smooth Air Canada Name Change options, and easy flight cancellation and refund. Air Canada won’t disappoint you with in-flight amenities as well; you can expect new-generation feet with innovative technology and comfortable seats. Get information on your chosen services via call at +1-888-335-418 or +1 (844) 733-1212 for immediate customer assistance.

How do I Change Name of the Passenger for Air Canada Flight?

Made flight booking but made a mistake in name and realized too late? No need to fret over this anymore because the Air Canada Name Change Policy is on your side. However, it would be, too, if you knew exactly how the policy works in your favor. So, make sure to read all the rules and regulations beforehand. Then you can try the following step to move forward with your name change request

Air Canada Name Change Offline:

You can apply offline for an Air Canada ticket name change with a simple process:

  • Call Air Canada Customer Service at +1-888-335-418 or +1 (844) 733-1212,
  • Follow the AVM instructions carefully and press a button to choose a preferred language,
  • Then, you can select the Name Change option from the menu,
  • When you are connected to a person for the Airlines, you can formally put your Air Canada change name on ticket request,
  • Give your correct flight booking details to the customer service agent to proceed with the procedure,
  • You might be asked to pay a fee, so it would be good to check if your tickets are under a chargeable category,
  • At last, you will get a confirmation notification for your changed name with a new ticket.

Air Canada Name Change Online:

The online procedure for name correction or change can be done on the airlines website.

  • Use your email or phone number to log into your Air Canada account,
  • Then, go to My Flight or My Booking tab and click on Name Change button,
  • Enter the correct name that will appear on your Air Canada ticket,
  • Upload the essential documents requested by the airlines,
  • Pay the Air Canada name change fee, if applicable,
  • At last, get your newly issued airline ticket with a new name.

What is Air Canada Name Change Policy?

Air Canada is one of the best airlines in the aviation sector due to its customer-friendly services and policies. The Air Canada Name Change Policy is one of the most convenient policies for customers. Please check all the major essential points to make your experience better.

  • Types of name changes: Air Canada allows two types of name changes on tickets:
  • Minor Name Changes: Like a spelling mistake or missing your middle name.
  • Major Name Changes: This includes big errors like full name changes in case of:
  • Name changes after marriage or divorce
  • Voluntarily change your name legally

You have to confirm the nature of your name change and then fill your Air Canada name change form accordingly.

Air Canada Name Correction Fee:

Although small changes to your name in Air Canada tickets are permitted, you can still check the fees and charges applicable. But there are times when you might have to pay a fee:

  • Ticket fare types,
  • Time of name change,
  • Mode of ticket reservation

You can check whether your Air Canada tickets are under the payable category or not via call at +1-888-335-418 or +1 (844) 733-1212. Once the nature of your tickets is confirmed, you can move forward and complete the process.

Name Change Process:

Change name on Air Canada ticket process can be done two ways: Online and Offline.

Online Name Change:

Make name/correction on your ticket online on the Air Canada name change page.

  • Fill out the name change form along with essential documents and details,
  • Pay the name changes and submit your application,
  • After you receive a confirmation mail, you can check your Air Canada name change status using the reference number,
  • Once your name change is confirmed, you will receive your new ticket with corrected name and PNR via email.

Make sure not to apply for name correction or change at the last minute, as it will cause additional charges and unnecessary stress. Also, policies might vary for if you bought a ticket via a third party. Then, the OTA Air Canada name change policy for travel agents will apply in this case.

How much is Air Canada Name Change Fees?

Normally, the Airlines do not charge any fee for any change, but there are some events when a fee is applicable. The cost for name change Air Canada tickets changes based on multiple factors. First, you need:

  • Check if your name needs a major change or minor change,
  • Time is a crucial factor; the later you change your name, the higher the charges will be,
  • Your flight ticket fare type,
  • Mode of Air Canada Airlines ticket reservation mode, whether you bought the ticket directly with the airlines or via an online travel agent,
  • Whether you have used any Unpublished Flight Deals or booked under promotional fares.

All these variables play an important role in the final Air Canada name change fee. Air Canada usually charges from $100 to $150 CAD per passenger for One Way flight tickets. Confirm the charges via call at Air Canada Customer Service at +1-888-335-418 or +1 (844) 733-1212 and avoid additional charges.

Air Canada Name Correction Policy

The name change policy and Air Canada’s correct name on the ticket have a fine line between both policies. You can only make corrections to your name under this policy, such as spelling mistakes. While you can add and correct names under the Name Change Policy.

Check Eligibility:

You must check whether you are eligible for a name correction under the guidelines of the airlines. This policy also covers Air Canada infant name correction. For example, you cannot add a name; only correct misspellings are used in the passenger name.

Time of Name Change:

Air Canada has a 24 hour free window for Air Canada ticket name correction. Also, some fare types allow name change up to 7 days prior to the departure date. Some premium class tickets permit free last minute name changes too, up to 2 hours of departure.

Air Canada Name Correction Process:

You can try name correction on Air Canada tickets both offline and online, whichever you find more convenient.

For Offline Name Correction Process:

Call for Name Correction Air Canada assistance at +1-888-335-418 or +1 (844) 733-1212 and ask them to correct the passenger name.

For Online Name Correction Process:

Visit the official Air Canada website and simply go to the Name Change section. You can correct the spelling or choose Air Canada middle name correction, whatever option you are looking for. It is a very easy and fast process, depending on how early you’re making your corrections.

Air Canada Name Correction Policy allows you a small flexibility for your mistakes. Make sure to not make any mistakes. But if unavoidable, you should always contact the airlines first to avoid problems.

Can you transfer Air Canada ticket to someone else’s name?

No ticket transfer option is available for Air Canada plane tickets. However, Passengers are only allowed name change for Air Canada ticket or name corrections in case of spelling mistakes. Here are some points you can follow if you cannot travel on your booked airline tickets:

Change Name:

You can try changing the name on the ticket. You can do so both online and offline. However, you cannot change the name to another person. You are only permitted to change the current passenger name. You should contact Air Canada customer helpline +1-888-335-418 or +1 (844) 733-1212 and ask for a potential solution.

Cancel Flight Ticket:

Since Air Canada has no ticket transfer policy, you can cancel your airline tickets and get a refund. Afterward, you can book a new ticket in the name of the other passenger. Cancel your ticket immediately with a direct call to Air Canada at +1 (844) 733-1212. You can either get a cash refund or a credit, the refund consideration will also depend on the flight fare you have booked earlier.

Can I fly on Air Canada if I misspelled my name?

It depends on the air carrier you are flying with. While some airlines allow you to fly with a minor spelling error in your name, Air Canada will not do so. As per Air Canada Policies, you can only travel if the passenger’s ticket name matches with their furnished identity proof. If the name does not match, they can change or correct it as per Air Canada Name Change Policy.

Air Canada Change Name:

According to all name change rules of the airlines, you need to confirm:

  • The type of name change,
  • Time of change,
  • The fare category of the flight booked,
  • Whether booked using a promotional fare or Aeroplan points.

Once you confirm all the above mentioned points, you can apply for Air Canada change name on ticket accordingly.

Air Canada Change Correction:

As per the Name Correction Policy of Air Canada, you can correct a misspelled name on your ticket. Name correction is only allowed up to 3 letters. Otherwise, it will be considered under the Name Change Policy.

For any issues and queries regarding Air Canada Name Change/Correction, feel free to contact the Airlines customer service at +1-888-335-418 or +1 (844) 733-1212. Ask them to clarify all the details of the policy and all the related procedures for a smooth experience.

FAQs On Air Canada Name Change Policy

How to change name on Air Canada ticket?

You can try a name change on Air Canada ticket via call at +1-888-335-418 or +1 (844) 733-1212. You can talk to the airline’s agent, and they will help you rectify your mistakes and make your air travel convenient and hassle-free.

Does Air Canada charge for name changes?

Not always, though there is an Air Canada Name Change Fee category for some flight fares. The fees usually start from $25 CAD and can go up to $175 CAD. Passengers are allowed to use Aeroplan benefits ,under their loyalty program, to avail free Air Canada name correction on ticket. Please talk to the airlines’ customer service before proceeding with the latter option.

Is Air Canada name correction with a travel agent allowed?

Yes, if you have booked an Air Canada flight ticket with an online travel agent, you can contact your OTA agent for your name correction/change. However, in this case Air Canada name correction policy for travel agents will apply, and you might be charged a fee for this process. So, make sure to confirm with the agent and airlines as well regarding the name correction charges.

How to correct misspelled names on Air Canada flight tickets?

Just like the name change, you can easily correct the spelling of your name both online and offline. You can either call the Air Canada Name Correction number or visit their website for your corrections. Later on, you will get an updated ticket in the Air Canada name correction email.

How to change names on Air Canada’s Aeroplan flight?

Making airline reservations using Air Canada’s frequent flyer program benefits may or may not allow any kind of name change or correction. As it will be counted as a ticket bought with promotion fares. However, you can contact the airlines and ask for a possible solution in this case.

Do Air Canada Airlines tickets require middle names?

All travelers booking flights with Air Canada are required to provide their First Name and Last Name. Although middle names are quite optional, in some airline routes you might require you middle name. Make sure your full name matches your passport or the identity proof you are carrying with you on your flight.

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Air Canada Name Change Policy
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