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How to Choose Preferred Seat With the Help of Hawaiian Airlines Seat Selection Policy?

Hawaiian Airlines lets you choose your seat in advance for an enhanced journey in the air. With the Hawaiian Airlines seat selection policy procedure, travelers can choose their seat of choice with ease. Whether you want a standard seat or an extra legroom seat on the flight, the airline lets you choose your desired seat. Based on your fare type, you may select your seat for free or for a minimal fee.

What is The Seat Selection Policy on Hawaiian Airlines?

Are you ready to pick your seat in advance? It is important to go through the Hawaiian Airlines seat selection policy in advance for a smooth experience. 

  • Go to the “My Trips” section to book your seat in advance
  • However, you must reserve your seat at the airport or during online check-in if you wish to select your seat less than 24 hours before departure.
  • Principal Cabin Basic travelers cannot select their seats prior to check-in.
  • Hawaiian Airlines offers a variety of seating options; select the one that best fits your needs.
  • Extra Comfort seats of Hawaiian Airlines are the best seats. Follow the simple Hawaiian seat selection process to reserve these seats for maximum comfort
  • The airline keeps some seats unassigned and assigns them to passengers on the day of departure. If you can’t choose a seat now, you will get the seat during check-in or at the gate
  • To book bulkhead seats or exit row seats, you have to meet specific criteria

How Can I Pick Hawaiian Airlines Seat?

Choosing seats on Hawaiian Airlines is easy. You have different options to do it, and it’s quick too. You can even pick your favorite seat from home. Just go to the “My Trips” section on their website.

If your flight leaves within the next 24 hours, you need to select your seat when you check in online.


Online seat selection

Offline seat selection

1. Go to Hawaiian Airlines official site.

1. Dial the airline’s official number.

2. Click “My Trips.”

2. Contact the Hawaiian Airlines customer service desk.

3. Enter your last name.

3. Follow the automated IVR menu.

5. Click on the “Continue” icon.

4. Share your seat preferences.

6. Get your itinerary details.

5. The agent will offer you suitable seat options.

7. Click “Select Seats.”

6. Pick your favorite seat.

8. Open the seat map.

7. Pay the required fee.

9. Choose your preferred seat.

8. Confirm your seat selection.

10. Pay the Hawaiian Airlines seat selection cost.


11. Follow the instructions and confirm.


During check-in


1. Visit Hawaiian airlines official site


2. Click “Check-In.”


3. Enter your confirmation code.


4. Add the guest’s last name.


5. View your trip details.


6. Look for the “Select Seats” option.


7. Open the seat map


8. Choose one of the available seats.


9. Pay the Hawaiian Airlines seat selection charges if applicable, and have a comfortable time in the air.


What Are The Seat Selection on Hawaiian Airlines?

Whether you prefer a standard seat or extra perks like additional legroom, Hawaiian Airlines has something for everyone.

  • Main Cabin Basic
  • Main Cabin Preferred
  • Extra Comfort
  • First and Business Class
  • Seats for Elite members

What is The Seat Selection Fee on Hawaiian Airlines?

The seat selection fee on Hawaiian Airline flight booking varies depending on your fare type and seat preference. It’s essential to review the associated rules to ensure a smooth seat selection process without any surprises.

Extra Comfort Seats on Hawaiian Airlines

For travelers seeking ultimate comfort, extra comfort seats on Hawaiian Airlines offer an enhanced flying experience. These seats come with several benefits, including extra legroom, priority boarding, and access to amenities like personal power outlets and amenity kits on international flights. One can enjoy the affordable Hawaiian airlines seat selection fee. 


You can choose where you want to sit on Hawaiian Airlines. They have different types of seats for you to pick from. Just follow Hawaiian Airlines seat selection policy for picking seats easily. Then, you can go online or call them to reserve the seat you like. Don’t forget to do this to make sure you get the best spot for your journey. It’s a great way to make your trip more comfortable and enjoyable.

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How to Choose Preferred Seat With the Help of Hawaiian Airlines Seat Selection Policy?
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