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Copa Airlines Seat Selection – How to Reserve or Pre-Select My Seat

When you fly with Copa Airlines, you have the chance to improve your experience by booking your favorite seat in advance. As per the Copa Airlines seat selection, there is an option of selecting a window, aisle, or extra legroom depending on your preferences. Below is a summary of their policy on seat selection:

Can you Explain The Benefits of  Copa Airlines Seat Selection Policy?

Economy Seating in the Cabin: For the Economy Cabin, advance seat selection is provided, enabling customers to select their preferred seats ahead of time.

Cost of Economy Seats: There is usually a charge when choosing a seat in the Economy Cabin, however it gives travelers the freedom to choose the Copa Airlines select seat they want. 

  • Included in Business Class: Business Class prices include free seat selection, giving first-class travelers even more comfort and convenience
  • Different Selection Times: To accommodate personal preferences, passengers have the option to select their seat at any time throughout the reservation process, after purchasing their tickets, or during online check-in.
  • Copa Airlines will allocate seats at random in the event that customers choose not to select their seats in advance. This ensures that every passenger is taken care of.
  • Free Seat Selection for Certain Passengers: Some passengers may be eligible for free Copa Airlines seat selection policy, which eliminates additional fees, depending on their fare class or frequent flyer status
  • Refund Policy: Passengers are entitled to a reimbursement of any incurred seat selection costs in the event that the airline reassigns seats for operational or security-related reasons. 

In order to keep your seat allocations, you must also comply with the check-in and boarding time restrictions. In order to prevent seat forfeiture, passengers must check in at least 60 minutes before departure and appear at the gate at least 45 minutes before boarding.

Examining Seating Options on Copa Airlines Economy Cabin

Explore the range of seating options in Copa Airlines’ Economy Cabin, guaranteeing each traveler a comfortable trip. Select the seat type of your choice to improve your Copa Airlines flights travel experience. 


Seat Type


Economy Extra

Located at the front, offers 3 inches extra legroom, reserved overhead bin, and personal touch screen


Standard legroom, located in the front zone of the Economy Cabin, reclining seat option

Emergency Exit

Middle of the plane, 4 inches extra legroom, reclining seat, specific criteria required


Located in middle or back, reclining seat, 31 inches legroom space

How to Pick Your Seat on Copa Airlines?

With Copa Airlines, choosing your seat is easy and convenient, guaranteeing a comfortable travel. Here’s how to choose your seat in advance:

  • Use the smartphone app or the Copa Airlines official website
  • Select your flight and enter your trip information.
  • Select your seat by looking for the “Seat Selection” option.
  • To confirm and pay for the seat of your choice, adhere to the prompts.

Remember to select your seat at least 24 hours before your flight’s scheduled departure for a hassle-free experience.

What is The Copa Airlines Seat Selection Cost?

The Copa Airlines seat selection fee is determined by a number of factors:

  1. Seat Type: Prices vary depending on the type of seat. For instance, seats with additional legroom may be more expensive than standard seats
  2. Travel Route: The price may change based on the route you take and your final destination
  3. Time to Make a Decision: The cost may change if you choose your seat closer to departure time or earlier
  4. Flight Duration: Compared to shorter flights, longer flights could have more expensive seat selection fees.

It is preferable to get in touch with Copa Airlines directly to find out about Copa seat selection policy. Based on your unique situation, their representatives can supply you appropriate information. To receive the most precise fee quote, be sure to include all relevant information.

Give Insights On The Free Seat Selection Eligibility?

With Copa Airlines, the following passengers can choose their seats in advance for free:

  • Members of ConnectMiles: Prefer status members are entitled to free seat selection, as are their companions who are booking under them. This covers a maximum of seven partner
  • Passengers with Assistance Animals: There are no extra costs for passengers who bring assistance animals along when choosing their seat
  • Passengers with Disabilities: Free seat selection is available to those who have physical, motor, or limited mobility, as well as their companions.

To reserve your tickets at no additional cost if you are eligible for free seat selection, just follow seat selection Copa Airlines process. 


For a comfortable flight on Copa Airlines, choosing your seat is crucial. The airline provides solutions to fit your preferences, whether you like basic seating or extra legroom via the Copa Airlines seat selection process. Don’t forget to read the seat selection policy and take any applicable costs into account. Furthermore, make use of the free seat selection bonus if you are eligible for it. You can guarantee a comfortable journey according to Copa Airlines’ seat selection procedure. Please do not hesitate to contact their customer service with any questions or for help selecting a seat. Have fun on your Copa Airlines flight!

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Copa Airlines Seat Selection – How to Reserve or Pre-Select My Seat
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