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Frontier Airlines Name Change Policy

Frontier can be your first choice for affordable air travel, as they provide the lowest fare in the market. This low cost carrier offers cheap flights across the USA and some selected international destinations. As traveler’s favorite airlines, they get that sometimes plans change, which is why they have an easy Frontier Airlines Name Change and cancellation & refund policies. These easy and convenient policies make your travel more comfortable with peace of mind, knowing they can easily adjust their booking details when necessary. Call Frontier Airlines customer assistance at +1-801-401-9000 or +1 (844) 733-1212 for more information.

Frontier Airlines Name Change Policy

Frontier Airlines Name Change and Name Correction, both are slightly different. The only difference is that you can make big changes to name and not spelling mistakes. Here are some major points and steps you need to consider for Frontier Name Change Policy:

Types of Frontier Name Change:

You can make major changes to you name on booked tickets if:

  • Name changes due to Spelling Mistake,
  • Name change due to Marriage or Divorce,
  • Name change due to Legally Changed Name

Make sure your changes are within the mentioned categories or you will not be able to board the flight booked. If your ticket name doesn’t match the ID proof name, you might have to miss your flight.

Frontier Name Change Fee:

The airlines only charge a fee when it comes to major changes because they take a lot of time and process. However, there are no Frontier Name Change charges if,

  • Changes are made within 24 hours of the flight ticket purchased,
  • Changed name 7 days before the departure date,
  • Your fare category allowed free one change.

Any changes out the list, will be charged a sum of $25 to $200. The change in fee is due to fare type, destination and time of change. It would be best to consult with your agent or the airlines via call at +1-801-401-9000 or +1 (844) 733-1212.

Frontier Airlines Name Correction

Frontier Name correction/change facility comes in handy when you have made a silly mistake in your name, like a spelling mistake. Yes, a simple typo can lead to not being able to take your flight. You will end up losing your money and your travel plans canceled. No one wants that, even Frontier. Therefore, there is a very simple Frontier Name Correction Policy. Check all the major points to prevent any potential money loss.

Types of Frontier Name Corrections:

First, you have to figure out the kind of ticket name change you need.

  • Spelling Errors,
  • Discrepancies between ticket name and ID documents.

Once you find the right change, you can contact Frontier helpline via call at +1-801-401-9000 or +1 (844) 733-1212 and ask for an easy procedure to correct it.

Process and Fee for Name Corrections:

As mentioned earlier, you can apply:

  • Offline application for Frontier change name on ticket offline via call at +1 (844) 733-1212. Make sure to follow the instructions carefully to complete the process.
  • For online application submission, you can go to the Frontier website and apply formally for a name correction on a ticket.
  • Usually, Frontier Airlines name correction is free if you correct it within 24 hours of purchase of your tickets. Otherwise, you might be charged a small name correction fee.

Irrespective of your application method, you will get the best result and a smooth process. Also know that, you can change name on ticket for the same passenger and not change it to some other person. Frontier Name Correction Policy provides convenience and flexibility to travelers to make their choices.

How to change name on Frontier Airlines account?

When you make Frontier Airlines reservations, you have to create an account to process your booking request. In case Frontier Airlines change name on ticket or other issues, you have to make changes using this same account. Here is how you can change your name on Frontier Airlines Account:

Log In to Your Account:

Always keep your ID and password safe, you are going to need them to log in to your account. Enter your details and click log in. You can also try using the Frontier Airlines app for easy access.

Apply for Name Change:

Once you are successfully logged in, you can start the name change procedure.

  • Go to the Change section in the My Flight or My Booking tab,
  • Once you click on the Change Flight button, you will be taken to a page where you can make your changes,
  • Fill in all the given fields with your information and change your name,
  • Now, upload required documents like birth certificate or any government issued ID proof,
  • Click on submit button, and you will receive an email confirming the Frontier name change.

This is an easy process, with no hassle whatsoever. You can do it effectively all by yourself. If there are any issues or having trouble changing your name, please call Frontier Airlines at +1-801-401-9000 or +1 (844) 733-1212 for more assistance.

How to do name correction on Frontier Airlines?

Similar to Frontier Airlines Name Change process, you can make your name corrections both offline and online.

Offline Name Correction on Frontier Ticket:

Passengers can get their name corrected offline by calling the Frontier Name Change Helpline Number +1 (844) 733-1212. Talk to an airline assistant and provide them with your flight details so they can correct the name on the ticket.

Online Name Correction on Frontier Ticket:

For an online process in the case of Frontier Airlines Name Correction, you can use the airline’s website. Fill in an online name correction form and submit it with proof. You can use any government issued ID card as an identity proof.

Frontier Airline Name Correction Policy is quite simple and easy to understand. There will be no issues whatsoever for the travelers to make any kind of changes to name on the booked tickets.

How do I update my contact information on Frontier Airlines?

Contact information is inevitable because how are the airlines supposed to contact you? Therefore, always provide legitimate and working contact information, a valid mobile number and email address. If, for some reason, you need to change or you forget to add your contact information, you can do it any time up to 2 hours from departure.

Update Contact Details on the Phone:

Call Frontier Customer Assistance at +1-801-401-9000 or +1 (844) 733-1212. Once you connect with an airline official, you can request that they update your contact information.

Update Contact Details on the Website:

To update your contact number or email, visit the Frontier Airlines website. Go to your Frontier account and personal information section to edit your contact information. Update your mobile number and email address.

Can Frontier Airlines tickets be transferred?

Frontier flight tickets are not transferable. Passengers are only allowed Ticket Name Change or cancellation. So, if you are planning to transfer your Frontier Airlines ticket to someone else, refrain yourself from doing that. You only have two options here:

Cancel and Refund:

Cancel your flight tickets if you cannot change your name or transfer the ticket. You can ask for a refund for your flight cancellation and save money.

Book a New Flight Ticket:

After canceling your Frontier flight, you can make a new reservation in the new name.

FAQs On Frontier Airlines Name Change Policy

Can I change my name on Frontier ticket?

Yes, travelers are allowed to change their names on the Frontier tickets. Check out the Frontier Name Change Policy to learn the time limit, fee, and eligibility for your changes. Please reach out to Frontier customer care at +1 (844) 733-1212 for easy options for name change Frontier Airlines.

How do I change name on Frontier Airline ticket?

Passengers searching for an effective way to Frontier name change options can call the airlines directly at Frontier Name Change Number +1 (844) 733-1212. Keep your information and documents ready for easy access in case the agent requires them. You can also follow the procedure online on the airline’s website. Choose a method that suits you best.

How can I change my name on a ticket after marriage?

For a major ticket name change, such as after marriage, Frontier has a special Name Change/Correction Policy. You can provide a valid document supporting your new name and apply for the change/corrections online or via call.

Does it cost money to change name on Frontier flight?

Frontier Name Change Fee is only applicable if you do not make your changes within the airlines’ timeframe. Which is 24 hours of flight ticket purchased or 7 days prior travel date. Also, no correction charges are applicable if you have booked using your Frontier Elite Status.

Are Frontier flight tickets transferable?

No, Frontier Airlines tickets are not transferable. You will be charged a fine if you try to use someone else’s ticket to fly. In this case, you can only cancel and reserve a new flight ticket with Frontier Airlines.

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Frontier Airlines Name Change Policy
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